KalingaStone Launches ‘Terra’ For Walls

India’s leading brand for engineered stones, KalingaStone has announced the launch of its latest marble product – Terra under its existing Petra series. Manufactured by Classic Marble Company (CMC), the product is aimed at aspirational décor for both residence and commercial spaces and has been developed especially to quench the present limitations in wall cladding applications. The application areas can range from interior wall cladding for living rooms, kitchens, or other areas including bathroom walls to covering huge exterior walls.
The marble, quite aptly named Terra, has an earthy appearance, however is smooth in texture and seamless in installation. A uniform grainy surface pattern throughout its surface form a subtle wall background for any articulated landscape, antiques or furniture to stand out.
Terra, as wall cladding renders a contemporary European appeal to the space with minimalistic styling, leaving much to be played by accessorizing. Depending on the taste of the occupant and the utility, the walls could adorn a host of relics to add a rustic aura to the space. Whether hung with a vintage photo frame or an antique wooden casket pushed up the wall or even a simple brass wall clock could act as the ingredient that adds flavour to the room.

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