Grundfos Introduces High-Efficiency Mobile Pumping Stations

A dual solution for dewatering flooded areas & providing water supply on the move

Grundfos India, the leading manufacturer of energy efficient pumps, has launched an ideal solution to address the distress caused by monsoons and imminent water-logging with its intelligent Mobile Water Pumping Station. The unit comprises of two pumps, each capable of discharging 200000 liters per hour.

The mobile pumping station from Grundfos aims at reducing losses post disasters and can also be used for water supply in agriculture, horticulture, gardens and parks. With its double shaft seal system, which ensures trouble-free operations, the dewatering pumps along with a 50 kVA generator, control panel and a cantilever crane in a weatherproof enclosure, are mounted on a movable trolley that can be hauled by a truck
or tractor.

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