3D effect

Surprising, original and attractive
Three attractive and distinct designs of vinyl wallcovering with a 3D effect. Aikin, Boyd and Copan.
Distinct: Aikin is a distinct organic design with a large 3D effect. Refined as cut facets, Aikin is playful and unique. The design shows variation in colour including matt and metallic shades.
Metallic: The intense but friendly lines of Copan make the design suitable for a variety project interiors. The design has a vertical structure with a subtle horizontal line, adding drama and movement.
Rugged and sporty: Boyd is a graphic, architectonic wallcovering with a heavy structure. The 22 colours are rugged and sporty and show daring. The metallics, grey high-tech colours, various white and soft shades, in combination with the soft and pleasant character, make Boyd ideal for use in retail and office projects.
Vinyl wallcovering
Vescom vinyl wallcovering is extremely strong, hygienic, durable, lightfast, colourfast, scratchproof, impact-resistant, can be applied seamlessly and is easy to care for.

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